Family Owned and Operated

Hale Street Group is owned and operated by Matt Pablecas and brother-in-law Ted Arvantis. Their combined creativity, business savvy, and passion for real estate drive Hale Street Group’s successful vision into the future.

Celebrating 18 Years in Business

Matt and Ted started Hale Street Group in 2001 in order to expand the family’s real estate portfolio into residential. The two entrepreneurs focused on condo conversions, new construction single family, multifamily, office and retail buildouts, all while continuing to manage the family’s real estate portfolio.

3rd Generation Developers

The Pablecas family has real estate in their blood. It all started with Matt’s grandfather who came over from Greece in 1934 when he was only 16. He worked hard, saved his money and bought his first building. Matt’s “Papou” learned the art of real estate and passed these skills down to his son who later passed them on to Matt.

Hale Street Group Featured in Voyage Chicago Magazine

Read the compelling interview with HSG co-founder Matt Pablecas as he opens up about his family’s hard working roots, his partnership with brother-in-law and co-founder Ted G. Arvanitis and the many challenges he and his family have faced as they manage one of the premier real estate portfolios in the area. (read more)

We Also Handle Property Management

For 30 years, our sister company Pabcor Management has handled strategic, tactical, and ongoing operations management for many types of properties. Services include 24/7 property maintenance and management, accounting, budgeting and forecasting, contract review, and much more.

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